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Explore the intersection of luxury and amenity with the expansive possibilities of the Aspire Range by Akora, and give shape to your ideal life through leading-edge contemporary home designs.

Contemporary home design & luxury house plans.

Life is meant to be lived, and lived well, in a contemporary home that enlivens your heart and lifts the spirit. Light-filled, luxuriously appointed and masterfully built, with all the room you could ever need, and every need met through superior materials and craftsmanship. A contemporary residence, beautifully designed and expertly constructed – it’s all right there at your feet, with an Aspire Range home by Akora. 

From the generous dimensions of open plan living areas to the inviting appeal of private spaces and the elegant finishes of kitchen and bathroom spaces, the Aspire Range of contemporary home designs and offers a wealth of flexible luxury house plans.

These contemporary homes include fittings and fixtures that allow you to craft the home you’ve always imagined living in. Built to exacting standards for the ultimate liveability, an Aspire home sits at the intersection of luxury and amenity. 

It's the life you’ve long aspired to, made real. Step into the home of your dreams sooner, with the Akora Aspire Range.

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Home Designs
Akora Gallery Single Storey 5 Bedroom Home Design Traditional Classic Facade Listing
Gallery - Single Storey 5 Bedroom Home Design Floor Plan


from $578,036*
Bedrooms 5
Bathrooms 5.5
Living Areas 3
Width 29.07m
Akora Pavilion Single Storey 4 Bedroom Home Design Artisan Facade Listing
Pavilion – Single Storey 4 Bedroom Home Design Floor Plan


from $499,055*
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 2.5
Living Areas 3
Width 15.20m
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homepage new-home-builders-modular-home-design-aspire-range

Speed to build your contemporary home.

Step into your dream home sooner with Akora Homes. Our innovative approach and centralised construction capacity frees you from the ambiguities of building timeframes with a streamlined pathway that puts the keys in your hand faster than you might expect. Here’s how we do it, from start to finish.

Once your initial deposit is paid, finance is approved, designs signed off on and proof of title is in place, we provide you a start month commitment for when construction will commence. Akora’s best-in-class forecasting ensures that your home is built without delay in our construction facility, within 17 weeks – guaranteed.

Then, once your home’s location and clear access to its lot is confirmed, Akora’s guaranteed delivery date ensures that your home will be delivered to your desired destination within 16 weeks of construction completion. No compromises – just precision-engineered, masterfully planned home building, designed to get you living your ideal lifestyle as soon as possible.

Learn more about Akora’s Speed to Build and our Triple Guarantee here and start planning your journey to inspired living, home delivered.