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Your vision made real.

It’s time for your brand-new Akora home to come to life. Discover part 3 of our Akora Homes building process series.

Integrity from the ground up.

You’ve chosen your lot of land, selected the floorplans and design options to suit your lifestyle, and your construction loan has been approved. Now it’s time to get this build on the move in the construction phase!

From preparation of your ‘pad’ to the final finishes, the construction phase is perhaps the most exciting period of the entire building process except for of course, stepping into your new home for the first time.

Site preparation.

Making sure your land is a clean canvas is an essential preliminary step. By following the below tips it’s simple to make sure your new home has a solid, stable base to be gently placed upon to avoid movement and damage in decades to come.

Soil preparation.

Soil that effects the footings of your new home extends well beyond the line of your home.

For example, tree roots from some distance away can cause movement to the site. We recommend removing nearby trees early in the build process, allowing time for the soil to settle before your footings are prepare and your home is delivered.

Preparing the pad.

Before the arrival of your brand-new home, you must prepare the ‘pad’ – the area of soil your new home will sit.

The pad itself must consist of a minimum 100mm of road base or similar material, compressed to 100kpa. A highly compressed pad will prevent any movement in your home and must be at least 2m wider than the footprint of your design, including any verandas to allow room for jacks in the set down process.

Tie down holes must also be drilled in the exact locations specified on the plans provided.

By following these guidelines to prep your pad you can rest easy knowing your home will have a solid, sturdy foundation and is protected as best as can be against unwanted movement.

Initial construction phase.

Things are starting to take shape! From floor framing to doors, here’s what you can expect to see unfold in the initial phase. Handy hint: make sure to check in regularly on the customer portal for photo updates of your home!

Floor, wall, and roof framing.

Your Supaloc steel floor framing is assembled and precision-engineered frame and truss system is now erected.

Window Installation.

Glass windows are inserted into the frames. Followed by:

  • External linings.
    Roof, gutters and fascia installed, and cladding affixed to the exterior.
  • Internal linings.
    Gyprock is applied to the internal walls.
  • Second fix carpentry.
    Doors, skirtings and architraves installed.

Final construction phase.

With the fundamental elements of your new home complete, it’s time to start adding the finishing details – inside and out – to get your home ready for delivery.

  • Joinery and tiles.
    Joinery and tiles are installed in your kitchen and wet areas.
  • Home Inspection.
    Before any further work is carried out, you’re required to inspect your new home on site at our construction facility prior to delivery to ensure you are satisfied with the progress.

    If you can’t make it to our construction yard, our team invite you to view videos of your home instead. Our construction team will talk you through the delivery process and share the information you need to co-ordinate your plumber and electrician to be onsite when your brand-new home is delivered.

    If there are any issues or concerns during your inspection, it is vital to notify the construction team so we can review and remedy any issues that have arisen, ensuring you are 100% satisfied with your new home before it arrives.

  • Second fix electrical and plumbing.
    Light connections, switches, wet trap areas, sanitary ware and connections are installed.
  • Final finishing items.
    Painting, tiling, bathroom accessories, appliances and flooring are completed.

Once the final touches have been applied, your brand-new Akora home is ready to embark on its journey right to (what will be) your door.

Contact our team to kickstart your journey with Akora Homes.

Next month is truly the most exciting time – your new-home is on its way to wherever you call home. In case you missed them, click here to read part 1 and part 2 of our Akora Homes Build Process Series, where we cover starting the processing and preparing for your build.

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