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We’ll bring your home to you.

Let’s get your brand-new Akora home on the road. Discover part 4 of our Akora Homes building process series.

Your home is coming home.

The time has come, can you believe it? Your new Akora home - built to exacting standards in our construction yard has been completed and it’s time to get it locked and loaded, ready for delivery to wherever you call home.

If you read part 3, you’ll know we mentioned stepping into your new home for the first time is by far the most exciting step in your Akora Homes experience – so, are you ready?

The best kind of home delivery.

Our transport specialists are the best in the industry, trained and experienced in all haulage scenarios. Before, during and after the delivery process every measure is taken and every protocol followed to ensure your home arrives safely to your property.

Rest easy knowing your precious cargo, and possibly your biggest life investment, is in good hands, safely loaded onto the back of one of our flat bed haulage trucks.

Plus, our team will keep you up to date on your home’s movements and its ultimate arrival time.


Your home is complete and soon you’ll cross the threshold into your new life for the very first time.

Whilst you’re waiting for the arrival of your dream modular home, on site at our construction yard the team are carefully lifting your home using our purpose-built jacks in readiness for the delivery truck to drive beneath the home and take the load.

Our trucks are designed for maximum manoeuvrability in the delivery of pre-built, modular, and transportable homes, ensuring the security and safe arrival of your dream home during the delivery process.

We’ll take care of the heavy lifting, so you can unpack and start living.


Things are on the move; your home has left our yard and is on its way to you!

Utilising police escort where appropriate our team will travel along our designated transport routes to ensure the safety of your home and other road users.

Occasionally, if unforeseen circumstances arise, we may be required to use alternate routes. This is exceedingly rare, and we always strive to ensure minimal disruption to the delivery schedule.   

We encourage new homeowners to be present at their block to witness the arrival of their brand-new home.

Set down.

Once your home arrives, it’s time to set your new home down with exact precision, in accordance with council approval.

Once the truck is moved into place, your home is elevated using our purpose-built jacks, and held up by secure props, after which the truck will drive out from underneath the home.

Per the engineering report, concrete blocks and ant caps are laid out and levelled, and tie downs are bolted to the underside of the home to provide a solid and secure attachment.

Your home will then be carefully lowered onto the concrete blocks, and the tie-downs are concreted into the pre-dug holes.

Congratulations, your home is safely on your site! All that remains now is to connect your essential services including water, sewerage, and electricity.

Service Connection

Now that your home has been delivered it is up to you to have all your services connected. To help you prepare, our construction team will advise you of the estimated delivery approximately 4-8 weeks in advance.

Once known, we strongly suggest booking in your plumbing, sewerage, electrical and stormwater connections – ideally the same day as delivery. If this is not possible, connections should all be completed within 2 weeks of your home set down, to ensure smooth transition of your financing.

To further assist you, your Akora sales consultant will provide you with all the necessary concept and site plans that you can pass onto your plumber, electrician, and earthmover. Don’t forget to keep them handy when connections proceed.

Plumbing connection

Your plumber will need to connect your home to the mains water, via one specialised location in your home. Discharges for your toilets and sinks are located below floor level – your plumber will also be required to gather these discharges and connect them to the sewer.

Electricity connection

Each home is wired electrically according to the final plans and selections made. Your electrician will need to wire from the mains meter box to your home. If your home is a split module design, your electrician will need to connect the services in the ceiling prior to connection.

Everything for your brand-new home has been completed and your new home journey can really begin!

If you have any questions before, during or after the delivery of your home, as per all phases of your Akora home build do not hesitate to contact the Akora team with any questions you may have.

Congratulations, you’ve got your very own, beautifully built Akora home. Welcome to the Akora family.

That concludes our home builder series. In case you missed them, click here to read part 1, part 2 and part 3 where we cover starting the process, preparing for your build and construction.

At Akora we use a ground-breaking approach to building transportable homes that allows for full transparency, giving you the highest quality outcome. Don’t wait 2 years or more for a traditional builder. Take advantage of Akora Homes’ commitment to delivering your home in just 33 weeks*.  Enjoy three times the peace of mind and our promise to you for a superior outcome, thanks to our Triple Guarantee*.    

Contact our team behind the wheel of your modular home journey today.

*T&Cs apply.

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