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Transportable Home? What’s that?

Discover the plain facts about a transportable home.

Engineered for excellence.

As Adelaide and South Australia's leading transportable home builder, we have a thorough understanding of how they work and why they are beneficial to so many. However, it has also revealed the many misconceptions and misunderstandings about their function, transportability, reliability and their effectiveness as a long-term home or income solution. To avoid any confusion – we’ve gone ahead and listed the facts in plain black and white, so you can discover for yourself why a transportable home is the ideal new-home build solution for you!  

What is a transportable home?

Transportable homes are a unique home build solution that is prefabricated to your specifications and to our high structural standards. Constructed in sections (or, modules) at Akora’s exclusive Edinburgh construction facility, your transportable home is then transported using innovative and unique transport methods that retain the quality of the home en route and produce a highly durable home to wherever you call home. 

The key distinction between transportable homes and traditional homes is that the former can be moved, whereas traditional homes are permanently fixed to the same single location it was built. Transportable homes offer flexibility and convenience, allowing homebuyers on otherwise difficult or inaccessible lots to get the house design they desire. 

True advantages of transportable homes
Cost savings

There are a lot of factors to consider when building a new home, but when you have a property that is difficult to access, costs and frustrations can run a lot higher. Needing trades and builders to troubleshoot bringing in materials safely and effectively can cost multiple times that of a more ordinary lot of land. With transportable homes, all that stress and cost is relieved with the prefabrication process. Our innovative transportation methods also account for and excel in getting your new modular home on your land ready for you to move in and move forward. 

Transform your everyday

Akora Homes offers an expansive range of transportable home designs that focus on creating an easier every day, aligning with your needs and wants to suit your use of the home (whether your family home, a functional working hub or a holiday home). Few static built homes can offer this level of flexibility, restricting your usage and goals.  


Our transportable homes are constructed using sustainable building materials and practices in every possible instance, ensuring we build with conscience and care. Our transportable homes are precision engineered resulting in less material wastage in the prefabrication process, and gently placed on the earth eliminating any disruption to the land, air quality and natural environment on your property. Additionally, our transportable homes are designed with energy efficiency in mind, incorporating modern insulation and energy-efficient systems that can lead to lower energy consumption and reduced carbon emissions. 

Constructed from high-quality materials to provide premium results, in particular, the use of Supaloc’s BlueScope Truecore steel frame and truss system that can withstand long transportation periods, meaning our homes are built to last a lifetime, withstanding the harshest Australian environments and seasons.  

Timeliness guaranteed

With transportable homes, you want to ensure your investment is protected. Akora transportable homes offer an industry-leading ‘Triple Guarantee’; that is, Start Date, Delivery Date and Structural guarantee. This means that, of course, we guarantee the structural integrity of your home, but, additionally, you can absolutely rely on our promised timeframes. We offer a 33 week* delivery turnaround of your home, guaranteed. This is an enormous saving to your interim stay costs, that can go on for years with traditional home building. 

Considerations before buying a transportable home

While transportable homes are a perfect solution for properties that have access issues due to trade costs, an amount of accessibility is required to get the large cargo through. This means taking into account your actual property and the route to get there; surrounding street widths, any height restrictions, and manoeuvrability scope. 

Additionally, think about the terrain available on your land, too. While we cater to a range of terrain specifications, it could direct your customisations and design choices. We will work closely with you to deeply understand the specifications of your land to ensure you have the right home for your property. 

Regulations and permits

Regulations and permit requirements in Australia vary by state and territory, though will generally speak to building codes and standards, planning permissions, and local zoning regulations. Before locking in your transportable home, be certain you understand and meet your local regulations, including safety and quality, structural integrity, fire safety and even energy efficiency. It's important through your consideration of a transportable home to research and adhere to the specific regulations in your region. 

Akora homes are no less a home just delivered differently. 

For further information on Akora’s transportable home designs or the transportable home process contact our knowledgeable Akora team today for an obligation free chat. We’re here to support you in finding the right house solution for you and your needs. 

*T&Cs apply.

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