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Selecting land for a modular home build.

Before you purchase a block of land to place your modular home on, here is what you should consider.

The perfect fit.

Sourcing the ideal block of land for your future modular home can seem like a daunting task – but it doesn’t have to be. Our experienced team at Akora have outlined several key components you need to consider when looking for land that will be best suited to the Akora Homes design you have your heart set on.


Many think a flat block is the most preferable, but the contours of the Australian landscape do not always make this possible. From gentle slopes to riverland blocks, the footings of an Akora home can be adapted to suit wherever you all home. The Akora team will perform a desktop assessment of your site, via Can I Build where we can discuss what earthworks may need to happen to ensure a suitable pad for your Akora home.

Access to site.

Whilst the delivery of your brand-new home and the safety of other road users are top of mind, there are some structural and native objects that can interfere with the delivery process.

With a standard 6m height and width clearance required, residents are required to eliminate any overhanging trees or shrubbery, or exposed tree roots on site. It is also important to note that gates, fencing and existing structures can impact smooth and efficient access to your site.

Planning Criteria.

When choosing a site for your modular home, it’s vital to first check with your local council or land developer to understand whether a permit to build a modular home will be approved or not. From rural areas to high-density locations understanding the planning and zoning framework for your area will educate you on what type of home can be built on your land.

We also suggest having a solicitor review the land title for any restrictive covenants such as house size, construction type, or exterior features that may significantly impact your modular home plans.

Utilities and site services.

When looking for land it’s important to consider the proximity to service connections including water, electricity, sewerage, or the possibility of going off-grid by running off rainwater tanks and connecting battery systems to your modular home.

It is recommended to contact your local council or Dial Before You Dig, to investigate the location of underground services and the associated costs to connect. If there are existing services, it’s always wise to make sure they’re still in good working conditions as replacements may eat away at your budget.

Bushfire Risk.

The Australian Spring and Summer seasons are often prone to unrelenting bushfires and harsh Australian conditions. The Australian Building Code requires all new home builds to receive a BAL assessment, which measures the severity of your home’s potential exposure to ember attack, radiant heat or direct flame contact.

At Akora Homes we can build to a maximum BAL40 Zone. We recommend contacting the relevant state bushfire consultant to arrange a report to establish the construction requirements to improve the protection of your home.


The position and orientation of your home can have significant impact on your transportable homes’ energy efficiency.

Each of our modular home designs are constructed to meet a 6-star energy rating thanks to high performance, industry leading materials, such as the Supaloc Steel Frame system, Kingspan Kooltherm thermally efficient insulation, and our termite-resistant Weathertex cladding.

Placing your modular home in a northern facing direction will afford your family a comfortable temperature, thanks to a sunnier orientation. If the location of your block is either largely shady or exposed to strong southerly winds, it could be prone to cold and damp conditions increasing the cost of insulation and energy consumption.

Building your dream modular home with Akora.

Whilst there are many important elements to selecting the right block of land, our expert sales team can help you understand which block of land would be perfect for you and your Akora home of choice.

Contact our team today to book in an appointment or drop by our Display Village and Sales office open Monday – Saturday 10am – 4pm.

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