Roof types like hipped, flat, skillion and barn roof styles for your modular home.

Roof styles for your modular home.

Discover the pros and cons of the range of roof types like hipped, flat, skillion and barn roof styles and which will best suit
your Akora Home.

Rooflines to suit any location.

The roofline of your Akora home design is a major factor when considering the overall ‘street appeal’, with the aim to complement its natural environment and suit the overall style of your new home.

Not only is your roof style an architectural feature, evaluating and considering what benefits each style can provide before you finalise your plans will help make the home more resilient, energy efficient and weather-proof.

Choosing the right façade is a critical aesthetic element when designing the transportable home of your dreams, so we’ve gone ahead and outlined the differences and advantages of each style we can achieve for you.

Traditional Hipped Roof

By far our most popular roofline option, this roof style featured in our traditional facade is a hipped roof and comes standard across our home designs. Comprising of a pitch between 10 degrees and 17.5 degrees, this design often presents with larger eaves around the home giving a strong, all-round protection conventional roofline.

Our consultants recommend this roof style on small to medium sized homes, as on larger homes the pitch in the roof will flatten to reduce the height of the home detracting from the overall appearance of the exterior of your home.

This roofline is the perfect style for a country setting or if you wish to create a timeless look and can be customised to include Dutch Gables or Gable Ends.

Flat Roof

Don’t be fooled by its name, whilst this roofline is defined as flat, it is actually pitched less than 5 degrees and combines with parapet walls on the façade. Featured in our Horizon Façade, this roof line is perfect for larger home designs as it keeps the overall height manageable when it comes to transporting your new home to your block of land.

A Flat Roof is ideal for modern lovers, adding a clean and crisp finish to your exterior. If you love the Urban style or just want to make an impact, then this architecturally inspired roof style is for you.

Skillion Roof

The Skillion roofline comprises of a flat roof with a significant visible pitch between 5 degrees and 10 degrees. Featured in our Coastline Façade, this roofline usually features a single sloping roofline of smaller homes but can comprise of multiple roof angles on larger homes.

The noticeable angled roofline allows you to create an interesting and unique shape for your homes exterior and allows for the option to include a raked internal ceiling, providing a spacious feel to your interior.

Barn Roof

Growing in popularity, this roofline consists of a gable style roof without any eaves, providing clean lines and is typically seen on old barn style dwellings. Featured in our Soho Façade this roofline is best suited to modules that are up to 5.5m wide in order to keep the pitch of the roof over 15 degrees.

This roof style is great for a dramatic and modern look with its organic straight lines and gives off the illusion of more space than there actually is.

Discover our extensive range of modular home designs today or visit our Sales and Display Village to step into what your future could be – open 6 days a week or request more information on your favourite designs here.

akora singe storey 1 bedroom cabin design - traditional facade
Daintree – Ranch Style 3 to 4 Bedroom Home Design
facades-by-design lookout akora-lookout-traditional-style-3-bedroom-home-design-coastline-coastal-facade-1543x800
Akora Pavilion Single Storey 4 Bedroom Home Design Artisan Contempo Facade

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