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Peace of mind at every step.

Akora makes getting your modular home build underway a breeze.

A sophisticated solution to transforming your everyday.

Congratulations, you’ve locked in your dream Akora Home design, paid your deposit, and signed your contract! So, what’s next you ask? This month we will step you through the Build Preparation stage on your modular home journey. From preparation of your block to final plans and approvals, our expert team will make getting your build underway and on the road sooner!

At Akora we understand that building a home of any shape or size is a considerable commitment, both in time and financially. Our team will take the time to ensure you understand each stage of the modular home building process, giving you peace of mind at every step.

We will work with you to cover all the basics, liaising with relevant parties to ensure your block is ready to build on, and that all local council requirements are met. All you have to do is get ready to move into your brand-new Akora home.

Block Preparation.

The first thing to tick off the list is ensuring your block of land meets the correct requirements for us to place your brand-new Akora home upon. This could include the removal of trees, or the demolition of an existing structure.

We recommend this step be completed as early as possible, allowing time for the soil to settle so the site is prepared for the delivery of your home. This step is crucial as it allows for easy truck access when your home is delivered and enable a smooth assembly process.

Drafting of Final Plans.

Things are about to start feeling real! Once your contract has been signed and deposit paid, an dupon completion of your 5 business days cooling off period, our drafting team can commence your final plans. These consist of the working drawings, site plan, your desired floorplan (be it one of our standard plans or with your modifications), and evaluation and technical drawings.

Once completed, you will receive a copy for review and signing. If you have any concerns or if any alterations are required, now is the time to reach out to your Akora Homes sales consultant to discuss these changes.

Engineering and Council Approvals.

Once you have signed off on the final plans for your home, they will be sent to an independent engineer and to your local council for final approval.

Don’t worry, the Akora administrative team will handle this phase of the project for you and will keep you up to date throughout the approvals process.

Don’t forget if you’ve got any queries or questions make sure to give us a call!

Site Inspection.

Every Akora home is constructed onsite at our centralised fabrication facility before being delivered to your desired location. Prior to the delivery of your home, our transportation specialists will conduct a thorough site survey to ensure the road to your home is a smooth one.

If any obstacles are identified such as trees, poles or overhead wires, our transportation team will advise any steps that may need to be taken to ensure your home is delivered safely.

This step is typically completed once contracts are signed, however, in special circumstances may be carried out prior to entering the building contract to determine whether your site is suitable for transportable delivery.

Did you know we can customise your home design to suit your site with as minimal disruption as possible? That’s the Akora difference!


By far the most exciting step! While engineering and council approvals are being obtained, you can enjoy one of the most fulfilling parts of the build preparation stage – selections!

Step into a world of style at our MyChoice Design Studio, located in Keswick.

Throughout your appointment with your expert interior design consultants, you will be able to choose all the colours, fittings and finishes of your new home.

Your designated consultant will assist you with your choices and any enquires you may have. You will also have the option to choose items within your chosen specification, or to upgrade items to your taste, personal style, and budget.

Our national MyChoice Design Studio brings together the most innovative products, on-trend colours and inspirational choices under one roof for you, enabling you to envision just how your home will come to life, inside and out.

Building and Finance Approval.

Can you believe it’s almost time for the construction of your Akora home to commence? Once all plans and selections are finalised and council development approval has been received, Akora will provide you with a Builder’s Pack. Simply forward it to your bank so that the formal approval of your construction loan can be approved.

Whilst we are awaiting your finance approval, our administrative team will schedule and prepare all the work orders required to build your home.

This information will then be passed onto our construction team, ensuring they have everything they need to begin building your dream home once we have received your formal financial approval.

This will initiate the Construction phase of your new Akora home.

Preparing for your Akora home build can sometimes mean a lot of waiting for approvals which we understand can be frustrating, but the build-up of excitement is oh so worth it! Plus, if you have any questions or concerns, you’ll have one of our expert sales team members to assist you.

Contact our team to kickstart your journey with Akora Homes.

Next month is when things really amp up as we take you through the construction process! Missed part 1 of our Akora Homes Build Process Series? Click here to read all about starting the process.

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