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Financing your new modular home.

Learn what steps you can take to get unconditional approval to finance your brand-new Akora Home.

Let’s get your dream moving.

There are many benefits to the modular home building process, including certainty in the build cost and construction timelines. With rising house prices, choosing a prefab home is becoming a consumer go-to when choosing to build new. However, securing finance for your modular home can be quite different to the traditional construction and build type loan, which is why you need a specialist mortgage consultant on your side to secure the right loan.

Discover what steps we recommend you take to secure a stress-free modular home loan.

1. Take advantage of MyChoice Home Loans for your modular home finance

Exclusive to Akora Homes and designed to make securing funds to build your modular home, easy enjoyable and uncomplicated, MyChoice Home Loans has access to loans from a wide range of lenders to provide personalised finance solutions for your unique requirements and goals.

Partnered with Mortgageport, our expert mortgage consultants provide highly competitive mortgage lending solutions and interest rates to everyday Australians. Removing the stress of finding the best home loan, your consultant will act as your go-between, facilitating the negotiations on your behalf with the lender.

Your designated expert consultant will offer convenience, choice, clear information, and communication, and will provide continued support throughout the entire life of the loan.

Speak with your local MyChoice Home Loans expert today to find out how you can get your home loan on the move, quicker and easier! Plus, find out how you can save up to $6,000* in interest on your new Akora Homes modular build.

2. Deposit Now, Pay Later

You may find that some lenders have strict lending guidelines, meaning funds cannot be released before a certain stage in your home build. This can make things tricky, especially if banks won’t release funds in a timely manner to keep your build on track.

At Akora Homes, this isn’t a problem! Simply Deposit Now, Pay Later.

Start with just $5,000 deposit* to commence your new home build then pay no progress payments until your home is delivered.

3. Communicate with your modular home builder.

Akora Homes can help provide the assurance and documentation your lender may require in order to secure a modular home loan. Good communication is vital throughout the entire build process, including finance to ensure a stress-free build. We can call on our knowledge and experiences with past customers to provide you with a solution that suits the requirements of your bank.

4. Do you have more questions about how to get finance on a modular home?

Speak with our experienced Sales team via the contact form on our website or phone us on 1800 219 278.

*Please read the full terms and conditions here.

Akora Interest Saver

Deposit Now Pay Later

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