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Embark on your new modular home journey.

We can’t wait to get your dream transportable home on the move – delivered to wherever you call home.

Transform your everyday.

Step into a world where passion meets precision engineering. At Akora we offer a ground-breaking approach to prefabricated modular home construction, representing confidence and certainty towards building a high-quality home of your own.

Over the next few months join us as we take you through the Akora Homes building process. From start to finish we will highlight every step of the modular house journey big or small, educating, and inspiring new homeowners to build their dream modular home with Akora.

1. Determine your budget.

First things first, it is important to determine your borrowing capacity. We recommend contacting your bank or mortgage broker to ensure you can obtain the required finances to build your home of choice. Ask for an approximate estimate on how much you can borrow so you can set a price range before you begin the home selection process.

2. Home loans.

As a modular home is built off site and transported to your block, your home loan will be structured a little differently. Akora Homes allows you to ‘Deposit Now Pay Later’ which means once the deposit has been paid, there are no progress payments required during the construction. The full payment is required once the home has been completed and delivered to your site.

MyChoice Home Loans helps everyday Australian’s secure their dream of a brand-new home. Exclusive to Akora Homes, the interest saver construction loan allows you to save on interest whilst your home is being built.

3. Block Selection.

If you are looking to secure a block of land for your new home build it is important to select a property that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

It is recommended that you engage your local council or town planner to discuss any restrictions that may apply to your block, such as minimum house setbacks, planning and design guidelines, access for delivery, etc. Having this information readily available will assist your experienced Akora Homes sales consultant when selecting your transportable home.

4. Modular Home Selection.

Selecting your modular home design is by far the most exciting step in the initial stages of the home build process.

Exclusive to Akora Homes, there is an extensive selection of traditional, ranch home and granny flat designs within the Evoke, Habitat and Aspire home design ranges for you to choose from.

When selecting a home, keep within your financial means whilst also considering the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, living spaces and entertaining areas you require to suit your family and lifestyle. Plus, don’t forget the dimensions of your block as this will determine the orientation to best position your new home.

Akora’s range of home designs will help you maximise the existing features of your block including views, natural light and prevailing heating and cooling properties. However, our home designs can be personalised to improve these liveability aspects based on your needs.

5. Home Design Concept.

Your initial design concept will be completed with your experienced sales consultant. This is the time to address the needs of your transportable home that will create the lifestyle you’ll enjoy once you move in.

6. New Home Estimate.

Once you are happy with your home design concept, your consultant will provide you with an Akora Sales Estimate outlining everything that will be included in your home, giving you complete reassurance and transparency.

Your estimate is priced to outline your chosen specification and inclusions, with any changes or variations listed.

Once you are satisfied with the sales estimate provided, and you are ready to get your brand-new Akora home on the move we can move onto the Preliminary Design agreement.

7. Preliminary Design Agreement.

Prior to signing a formal agreement, you will confirm your acceptance of the Akora Sales Estimate and secure the home pricing as indicated.

Upon acceptance of your estimate, a $5,000 deposit* is required with no further payments needed until your home is complete and delivered to your block of land.

This allows for the process of preliminary administrative works to begin including obtaining a soil classification report and site survey.

Once your land has been assessed, your Akora Sales Estimate will convert into an Akora Sales Proposal, which brings you a step closer to the construction phase.

8. New Home Contract.

Once you are agreeable to your Akora Home Proposal, we will prepare a HIA Transportable Home Contract (the legal agreement between yourself and the builder regarding the construction of your new home).

This industry standard document gives you peace of mind that your contract meets both state and national industry requirements and is tailored to suit your transportable home.

Once the receipt of a signed HIA Transportable Home Contract is received, we can move forward in your building journey to the build preparation process.

Your new home build is lodged within the Akora Homes construction system, and we start the application process with your local council.

Starting the process of your Akora home build journey involves a lot of moving parts, but it is oh so exciting! Plus, you’ll have one of our experienced Sales team members to guide you throughout the process ready to answer your question no matter how silly you make think it seems.

Contact our team today to kickstart your journey with Akora Homes.

See you next month when we take a deep dive into the build preparation process.

*T&Cs apply.

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