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Frequently Asked Questions.

Have a question about building with Akora Homes? Read on for answers to our most commonly asked queries.

What types of homes do you build?

Akora Homes is a volumetric modular home builder. This means our homes come fully constructed (cladding, linings, tiles, electrical and plumbing fit-off, etc) from our dedicated facility, delivered to you via truck. We install the footings on your site and install the home, meaning minimal site works are necessary for less stress and better product.

Our homes are built to an equivalent – if not better – specification than any site-built home, and once complete the modular aspect is very hard to identify from a traditionally built home. We use quality building materials throughout, assembled in our Adelaide-based manufacturing facility, using Australian-made products and local trades wherever possible. 

Here's a video of a home leaving our facility, showing how the homes arrive at your site.

Why Akora Homes?

Akora is proudly part of NEX Building Group, one of Australia’s largest residential home builders with leading brands across NSW, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and ACT.

Our method of building reduces many of the risks associated with conventional residential construction. Our dedicated manufacturing facility means we have full control of the whole building process, meaning we don’t over commit to build more than our facility can fit.

We have full-time supervisors employed in our facility, who inspect each home every step of the way in their daily home walkthroughs. Although the construction does not happen on your site, we have an online client building portal that allows you to see the progress of your build along the way, including regular photos, with all the information relevant to your build journey in one place.

We also welcome you to visit our facility to view your home at applicable stages. This, in conjunction with our responsive post-delivery warranty team, positions Akora as a builder of choice when it comes to solving your housing needs.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver across South Australia and western NSW. In some cases, the building design may need to be modified to accommodate transport of the home to some locations depending on road widths, road height clearances, site access and size of home. We’ll ensure to communicate any and all changes in plans due to circumstance as and when they arise, keeping you informed at all times.

Do you build homes on site?

No. Home builds are delivered on site fully constructed.

How long does it take to build one of your homes?

From contract signing to the commencement of construction, there are several factors that can vary your build time greatly (such as council consent, finance approval and land settlement). Generally speaking, however, a typical time frame for this pre-construction stage of the build is approximately 17 weeks. Once construction has started in our construction facility, we aim to deliver homes within 16 weeks and then Akora’s site works on your site are completed within approximately 2 weeks of delivery.

What is included in the price?

We pride ourselves on quality, so in every Akora home, you’re guaranteed the inclusion of the most innovative products and building technologies within the base price. With BlueScope Truecore® steel wall framing, Weathertex 200mm Smooth cladding, Fisher & Paykel kitchen appliances, 3-coat paint system, Clipsal Iconic light switches and much more, we trust you’ll enjoy a home that has been constructed to the highest level, using quality finishes and fixtures for your inclusions.

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Are your homes insulated?

Absolutely! Our homes are built to achieve a 7-star energy efficiency rating.

The properties and performance of our fully insulated subfloor system is unmatched. The thermal and acoustic properties remove the ‘noisy floor’ syndrome making an Akora home a standout choice. Combined with R6.0 batts to the ceiling and Kooltherm Insulation System, R3.6 (nominal) to the external walls, the comfort and energy efficiency of our homes lead the transportable housing market. Further to this, Akora offers innovative upgrade options to our standard insulation, improving thermal performance, and leading to reduced heating/cooling costs over the life of your home.

What facade options do I have?

We offer façade design upgrade options to all of our homes. The base price is based on the on a Traditional façade with standard hipped roof). 

Please contact our Sales Team to discuss our range of façade options available.

What is the flooring system in your homes?

Our homes are designed using a steel bearer and joist floor system. The homes are installed on site with the floor level situated above the ground level. The requirement for stairs can be reduced through landscaping options, and the area under the home can be enclosed, depending on your requirements and façade options. The National Construction Code requires specific considerations for ventilation under bearer and joist floors, to be considered in your overall site plan and cladding choices. Talk to us about your needs – our experienced team can assist with accommodating your requirements whilst maintaining full compliance.

Do I have to prepare the site myself?

One of the benefits of building with Akora Homes lies in the site preparation before your home is delivered. For sites within 350km of our manufacturing facility, Akora Homes will prepare your site (standard pricing includes up to a maximum 0.5m gradient/fall across the house site) and install footings/tiedowns for your home.

There are varying footing designs that are used for the installation of your home, dependant on house design, site location and soil type. Akora Homes will determine the appropriate footing requirements following the results of an engineering analysis of your site, aligning to your chosen house design.

Do you build Granny Flats?

Yes! We can deliver granny flats to any property that has sufficient access for truck and crane access as required – due to the weight of our homes and the reach of available cranes, we cannot lift a granny flat to a backyard from the street over an existing home. Side access to your backyard or a large block is typically required. If you are building a new home, we can install a granny flat into the backyard prior to the start of the construction of your main residence.

Do you build cabins?

Yes, we certainly do build cabins for both private use and commercial park and village applications. Please contact our Sales Team to discuss our Evoke Range of designs that maximise smaller land sizes.

How much is delivery?

Delivery costs vary in relation to your location. A complete cost will be provided once your property address and house design is confirmed, and the transport route is assessed.

Are floor coverings and air-conditioning included in the price?

While floor coverings and air-conditioning are not included in the base price, Akora can provide a quote for floor coverings and air-conditioning from our preferred suppliers. Our air-conditioning supplier includes final installation and commissioning onsite.

Can I make changes to a floor plan?

We are very proud of the home designs we offer, optimising space and flow throughout each home. However, you’re welcome to personalise any of our plans to align better with your lifestyle and lot. Please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated Sales Team to customise a design and quote that aligns with your requirements and budget.

Does the decking come with it?

Where a deck/verandah/porch is shown on our standard plan, it is included in the base cost. We can happily add additional decks to the homes, as long they comply with our transport design guidelines.

Do we have to take care of council approvals and other permits?

No, not at all! Akora Homes happily takes care of the building application through council on your behalf.

Do I have to organise my own plumber and electrician?

You will require a plumber and electrician on site after delivery to connect the services to your new home. All gas, water and electrical provisions are provided by Akora Homes within the home, ready for connection. Depending on the council services provided in your area, you may be required to install a septic system and submit the relevant wastewater application with your local council.

Are we able to do the fit-out ourselves?

Akora will build your new home complete with kitchen, bathrooms, joinery, tiling, etc. You may opt to install your own floor coverings and air-conditioning after handover. There are also some optional joinery storage upgrade options that Akora can supply and install, or that you can choose to complete yourself post-delivery.

Can we have double-glazed windows?

Yes. There are considerations, such as window size that determines how these are delivered. We also offer Low E glass coatings as an option to improve the thermal performance of your home.

Can we go off-grid?

Yes, Akora can provide the relevant provisions to the home for you to connect battery storage for off-grid living. Provisions can also be made in the roof design should you wish to have solar panels installed after handover.

What is the maximum-sized home I can build?

The overall size of modular homes can be as large as you like – more modules can be added to create large living spaces, additional bedroom areas, separate guest accommodation and deck areas. Please ensure to check with our Sales Team regarding any specific site requirements, transport routes, and road access relevant to your intended design.

What contracts do you supply homes under?

Akora supplies homes under the relevant HIA contract for your state. We also use commercial supply agreements for the supply of homes to business entities. We welcome any commercial tender requests and encourage you to speak with our qualified Sales Team to discuss how we can help.