The Akora Home Building Process

The Akora Home Building Process.

Akora’s ground-breaking approach to pre-fab modular construction represents the simplest, surest steps towards building a high quality home of your very own.

The Akora Home Building Process

Where passion meets precision engineering.

Pre-fabricated construction isn’t a new phenomenon. In fact, it’s one of the best-proven, best-value home-building techniques around the world. 

Akora has innovated and perfected pre-fab modular construction through a marriage of superior design and precision technologies, giving new home-owners greater scope to build the home of their dreams than ever before – delivered to wherever you call home. 

Gentler on the environment, kinder on your budget and easy on the eye with leading edge contemporary designs, an Akora home is a sophisticated solution for anyone looking to transform their everyday, and get back to the simple joys of Australian living.

Begin your new home construction journey with Akora and our impeccable range of inspired designer homes – we can’t wait to build something great with you.

Starting the process
Build Preparation
Delivering your home
After Delivery

Budget & Finance.

Determine your Budget.

Before you begin building with us, it is important to determine your budget constraints. Prior to purchasing a block of land, be sure to seek advice from your bank to ensure you can obtain the required finance to build a home on your block of choice. Seek a rough guideline of how much you can borrow, so you know your price range once you begin the home hunting process. This will determine the size of the homes you can look at, as well as the specification you can afford.

Understanding Finance.

We get a lot of questions about the finance process of your new home, and how the process differs from slab on ground home finance, so we’re here to explain.

Home Loans.

As the home is built off site and transported to your block, the loans are structured a little differently, but in principle they work the same. With slab on ground home finance, the bank pays in stages or 'claims' as the build progresses. The only difference with transportable homes, is that there are no progress payments, and the financier pays in full once the home has been completed and delivered on site.

Some financial institutions may advise you that they do not finance transportable homes. This is not the case as most major banks will provide finance for transportable homes. 

MyChoice Homes Loans helps everyday Australian’s secure their dream of a brand-new home. Exclusive to Akora Homes, the Interest Saver construction loan allows you to save on interest whilst your home is under construction. If you’re ready to get your dream home moving, speak with your local MyChoice Home Loans experts today.

Deposits & Payments.

Upon acceptance of your Akora Home Estimate, a $5,000 deposit is required on signing the Preliminary Design Agreement, with repayments of the remaining balance structured in such a way based on the financing arrangements within the contract.

Block Selection.

When building your new Akora home, it is important to choose a block of land that is suitable to your lifestyle and your needs. Understanding the utility services available to your site and their location to access during your planning can reduce additional costs to the overall project.

It is recommended that you engage your local council authority as to any encumbrances that may apply to the block (such as minimum house setbacks, build time limits etc). Every council district varies slightly with their development requirements and conditions. It is helpful to have this information readily available when speaking with our experienced Sales team so we can identify any constraints when choosing your home design.

Finally, we recommend that you consult with an experienced Akora Homes Sales team member before purchasing, to ensure a transportable home is suitable for your proposed block. 

Home Selection.

The process of choosing your new home is one of the most exciting stages of the building process. 

Akora Homes offer an extensive selection of traditional and ranch home designs within the Evoke, Habitat and Aspire design ranges for you to choose from.

It is important to determine your needs before you begin the search. Consider the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, flexible living, and entertaining areas you require, as well as your budget considerations. 

Examining your block dimensions will determine the orientation and overall square meterage to best position your new home. Vista and elevation are also important considerations when choosing a home design.

Akora’s range of home designs will help you maximise the existing features of your block, including views, natural light and prevailing heating and cooling properties. Home designs can be personalised to improve these liveability aspects based on your needs.

With our class-leading home designs available to view online, there’s never been a more convenient way to visualise the life that awaits you with Akora. Take a virtual tour of our inspirational homes on display at Edinburgh, SA and explore each of the floor plans using the on-screen guides.

Home Customisation.

At Akora Homes, one home can offer endless possibilities. 

Our expert Sales team can work with you to personalise any of our existing home designs to suit your individual needs.


Our homes come with a generous standard inclusion level that is market leading. On top of these standard inclusions, you can specify the finishes throughout to make your home the perfect space for your lifestyle.

Standard Inclusions.

We pride ourselves on quality, so in every Akora home, you are guaranteed the inclusion of the most innovative products and building technologies. With Supaloc® steel frames and market leading wall insulation throughout, you can be assured each Akora home is not only affordable, but a high performance, low energy, sustainable decision for you, your family, and your environment.

Overflowing with quality features and stunning finishes, enjoy the confidence that comes with owning a home that has been constructed to the highest level, and fitted with state of the art inclusions by many of Australia’s leading suppliers.

View Akora Homes Standard Inclusions

Home Design Concept.

During your initial design consultation, the design concept of your new home will be completed with a member of our experienced Sales team. This is the important step of addressing the needs of your home that will create the individual lifestyle you’ll enjoy once you move in.

It is at this stage you will be able to visualise the build and obtain a sense of how your Akora home will come to life, before being provided an Akora Sales Estimate to determine the costs associated with your home and location.

New Home Estimate.

Once the design concept is complete, you will be provided with an Akora Sales Estimate outlining everything that will be included in your home. Our pricing schedule allows for complete transparency so you can be certain of what's included and what's not. Your design is priced with your chosen specification items with any addition, subtraction and alterations listed. Our flooring, air-conditioning and transport suppliers will provide their individual quotes based on the concept plan and these are included in your pricing schedule. 

Once you are satisfied with the sales estimate provided, you can notify us of your intent to proceed with your Akora Homes build and the Preliminary Design Agreement process begins.

Preliminary Design Agreement.

Prior to signing a formal agreement, you will confirm your acceptance of the Akora Sales Estimate and secure the base home pricing as indicated.

Upon payment of a $5,000 deposit, the process of preliminary administrative works begins, including us obtaining the soil classification report and site survey. From this information your footing design and engineering is completed, and your drawing pack is created. Costings will be checked against any design changes at this point.

The Akora Sales Estimate is then converted into an Akora Home Proposal, which provides full transparency on the financials to provide confidence when assessing whether to move to the next stage in your new home journey.

New Home Contract.

The Housing Industry Association New Home Contract is the legal agreement between yourself and a builder regarding the construction of your new home.

Once you are agreeable to your Akora Home Proposal, we will prepare a HIA Transportable Home Contract. This industry standard document gives you peace of mind that your contract meets all Australian industry requirements and has been tailored to suit transportable homes

Upon receipt of a signed HIA Transportable Home Contract, your build journey will commence. Your new home build is lodged within the Akora Homes’ construction system, and we start the application process with your local council.

Build Preparation with Akora.

From preparation of your block to final plans and approvals, Akora makes getting your build underway a breeze.

Taking care of business.

Building a home is a considerable commitment, and not without challenges. At Akora, we take the time to ensure you understand each stage of the building process, for peace of mind at every step.

We work with you to make sure all the basics are covered, liaising with the relevant parties to ensure your block is ready to build on, and that all local council requirements are met, so that all you have to concern yourself with is getting ready to move in to your new Akora-built home as quickly and as effortlessly as possible. 

Review the following steps, and remember: if you have a question, one of our friendly team is always ready and waiting to assist you with your enquiries.

Block Preparation.

The first thing to consider in practical terms ensuring your chosen block meets the correct requirements for us to start building your new home on. This could mean tree removal, or the demolition of existing structures, all of which would need to be completed well in advance of the agreed delivery date of your Akora home.

We recommend that this process of block preparation be completed as early as possible, allowing time for soil to settle, so that the site is prepared for building to commence. Doing so will not only allow for easy truck access when it comes time to receive your new home from us, it will also enable its assembly to proceed as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Our team will be with you every step – talk to us about your block preparation, and we’ll clear the path towards your new home together.

Drafting of Final Plans.

Things are about to leap from the page, and onto the stage of your new life. Once the contract has been signed and the deposit paid, and upon completion of the 5 business days cooling off period, our drafting team can commence your final plans, which consist of the working drawings, the site plan, your desired floorplan, and elevation and technical drawings. 

Once these plans have been completed by our team, they’ll be sent to you for signing. In the event alterations are required, a simple call to your Akora consultant will ensure you get the assistance you need to make these changes with a minimum of fuss. 

Engineering and Council Approvals.

Once your final plans have been drafted and signed off, they’re sent to an independent engineer and to your local council for approval.

You needn’t worry about paperwork – the Akora administrative team handles this phase of your project for you entirely, and will update you throughout the approvals process.

If at any time you have a query or concern about the approvals process, give Akora a call – we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have, at any time.

Site Inspection.

Every Akora home is crafted in our centralised fabrication facility before being delivered to your desired location. Prior to the delivery process, our transportation specialists will conduct a thorough site survey to ensure your home reaches you as effortlessly as possible.

Once they’ve identified any obstacles that might inhibit transport – whether trees, poles, or overhead wires – we can advise of any further steps that may need to be taken to allow your home to be delivered.

Typically, this process is completed after the signing of contracts, but in special circumstances may be carried out prior to entering the building contract, to determine whether your site is suitable for transportable delivery.

If required, we can then customise your home design to suit your site – with as minimal disruption as possible.


It’s time to get excited. Your new home is closer than ever. While engineering and council approvals are being obtained, you can enjoy one of the most fulfilling parts of the entire process – the Selections stage. 

This is where you get to choose all the colours, fittings and finishes of your new home, exploring first-hand just how the interiors and exteriors will come together to create the kind of dwelling that, till now, you’d perhaps only dreamed of. 

Your guide through this stage will be one of our expert Akora Selections consultants, who will assist you with your choices and any enquiries you may have. You’ll also have the option to choose items within your chosen Specification, or to upgrade items to your taste and preference for an additional cost. 

The best way to taste what’s possible is at the MyChoice Design Studio, which brings together products, colour choices and inspirations under one roof for you to start envisioning just how your home will come to life inside and out. 

See the stuff that dreams are made of with the MyChoice Design Studio, and Akora Homes.

Building and Finance Approval.

You’re almost there. Once your plans and selections are finalised and council development approval has been received, Akora will provide you with a Builder’s Pack. Simply forward it to your bank so that the formal approval of your construction loan can be granted.

Once formal finance approval has been given, we can commence the building process. Whilst we wait for your finance approval, our Administration team will schedule and prepare all the work orders required to build your home.


Your plans have been finalised and your bank has received your Builder’s Pack. While the bank works towards approving your construction loan, we prepare for the construction phase of your new Akora home to commence.

The construction team now have everything they need to begin building to your desired plans and specifications once your loan is approved. 

Integrity from the ground up.

You’ve chosen your lot of land. You’ve selected the floorplans and design options you want in your new home, and you’ve received confirmation of your construction loan approval. Now everything is in readiness to start building your new home.

From preparation of your ‘pad’ to the final finishing items, the construction phase is perhaps the most exciting period of the entire building process with the exception of actually stepping into your new home for the first time. 

It starts with the land. And it ends with your vision, made real.

Site Preparation.

Making sure your land is a clean canvas to build on is an essential preliminary, and is relatively simple and inexpensive. With the following tips, it’s easy to ensure your home has a solid, stable base on which to stand, to prevent shifting or warping over the decades.

Soil Preparation.

Soil that effects the footings of your new home extends well beyond the line of the building. 

For example, tree roots from trees located some distance away can cause movement of the site. That’s why we recommend that nearby trees are removed early in the build process, to allow time for the soil to settle before your home arrives and is set down on its ‘pad’.

Preparing the Pad.

Before your home arrives, you must prepare the pad. This is the area of soil on which your new home will sit. The pad itself must consist of a minimum 100mm of road base or similar material, compressed to 100kpa. 

A highly compressed pad prevents any movement in your home, ensuring it is not damaged in future years, and must be at least 2m wider than the footprint of your home – including any verandahs – to allow room for jacks in the set down process. 

Tie down holes also must be drilled in the exact locations specified on the plans provided. With the pad now prepared, you can be sure your home is as protected as can be against unwanted movement.

Following these guidelines is essential if your home is to have a solid, sturdy foundation. 

Initial Construction Phase.

Your home is starting to take shape! From floor framing to doors, here are the steps you can expect to see unfold in this initial phase.

Floor Framing.

Your Supaloc steel floor framing is assembled.

Wall and Roof Framing.

Your Supaloc steel wall and roof is erected.

Window Installation.

Glass windows are inserted into the frames.

  1. External Linings.
    Roof, gutters and fascia are installed and cladding affixed to your home’s exterior.

  2. Internal Linings.
    Gyprock is applied to the internal walls.

  3. Second fix carpentry.
    Doors, skirtings and architraves are installed.

Final Construction Phase.

With the bones of your new home in place, it’s time to add the finishing details – inside and out – and get your home ready for delivery.

  1. Joinery and Tiles.
    At this stage, joinery and tiles are installed in your kitchen and wet areas.

  2. Home Inspection.
    Before any further work is carried out, you’re required to inspect your new home in our construction yard prior to delivery to ensure you’re satisfied with its progress.

    If you can’t make it to the Akora yard, we invite you to view videos of the home instead. Our Construction Team will talk through the delivery process with you and share the information you need to co-ordinate your plumber and electrician to be on site upon delivery of your home.

    Should you notice any issues at all during the inspection, it is vital you notify our Construction team so we can review and address any concerns.

    That way, we can remedy any issues that have arisen, ensuring you’re 100% satisfied with your new home before it arrives.

  3. Second Fix Electrical and Plumbing.
    Light connections, switches, wet trap areas, sanitary ware and connections are installed.

  4. Final Finishing Items.
    Painting, tiling, bathroom accessories, appliances and flooring are completed.

Once the final finishing items have been applied, all is in readiness for Akora to deliver your new home right to (what will be) your door.

Delivering your Akora home.

With your new Akora home now purpose-built to exacting standards in our construction yard, it’s time to bring it on home to you.

The best kind of home delivery.

Akora’s transport specialists are the best in the industry, trained and experience in all manner of haulage scenarios. Before, during, and after the delivery process, every measure is taken, and every protocol followed to ensure your home arrives to you safely and on time. 

With our specially designed trucks and jacks, your precious cargo is in good hands. We invite Akora customers waiting on a new home to touch base as required – we’ll keep you up to date on its movements and its ultimate arrival time, for your utmost peace of mind.

Get excited. Your home is coming home.


Your home is complete, and soon you’ll be stepping across the threshold of your new life for the very first time. 

Shortly before that moment arrives, your home is being carefully lifted onto a custom-designed truck at Akora’s build yard in Edinburgh North, South Australia. Once it’s lifted on our purpose-built jacks, your delivery truck drives beneath it and takes the load. 

These trucks are especially created for maximum manoeuvrability in the delivery of pre-built, modular and transportable homes, ensuring the security and safe arrival of your dream home over the delivery process.  

Akora uses the most accomplished delivery service in Australia to deliver the homes that leave our site. Let us take care of the heavy lifting, so you can get ready to move in.


Things are really moving now. Your home is on its way from our build yards to wherever you call home, transported securely on our custom built trucks. 

We use designated transport routes to ensure the safety of your home and of other road users, utilising police escorts where appropriate. It really is an extraordinary sight, seeing a fully-built Akora home wending its way across the stunning Australian countryside – not to mention seeing it arrive on your chosen lot of land, ready for placement. 

On occasion, unforeseen circumstance may require us to use alternative routes. This is an exceedingly rare occurrence, and we always strive to ensure minimal disruptions to the delivery timetable. We encourage owners to be present at their block on delivery, to witness first-hand the arrival of their brand new home. 

Once it arrives at your block, it’s time to set your new home down in its forever home.

Set Down.

Your home has arrived. Now the task is to set it down with exacting precision, in accordance with council approval, as the truck moves into precision over your prepared site or pad.

Your home is raised from the truck with the jacks, and held up by secure, temporary props, after which the truck drives out from underneath the home. Per the engineering report, concrete blocks with ant caps are laid out and levelled, and tie-downs are bolted to the underside of the home to provide a solid and secure attachment. 

Then, your home is carefully lowered onto the concrete blocks, and the tie-downs are concreted into the pre-dug homes. The Eagle has landed.

After Delivery.

Now your home has arrived safely on site, it’s time to get everything connected in preparation for you to start living the life you’ve always waited for.

Welcome home, sweet home.

Your new home is here. All that remains now is to connect it to essential services such as water, sewerage and electricity. 

Once done, everything will be in readiness and your new home journey can really begin – with you at the centre of your very own, beautifully built Akora home. 

In this final phase, as in all preceding phases, Akora is here to help with any questions you may have about the After Delivery process. 

Congratulations. And welcome to the Akora family.

Service Connection.

Once we’ve delivered your home, it’s up to you to have your services connected. To help you prepare, our Construction team will advise you of your estimated home delivery date approximately 4–8 weeks in advance. 

Once provided with this date, we strongly suggest you begin booking your plumbing, sewerage, electrical and stormwater connections – ideally for the day after delivery. These connections should be completed within 2 weeks of set down, to ensure the smooth transition of your financing.

To help prepare things further, during the design phase the Akora team will provide all the necessary concept plans and site layouts to you, ready to provide to your local plumber, electrician, and earthmover. Keep them handy for when the time comes to get connected.

Plumbing Connection.

You’ll need your plumber to connect your home to the mains water, via one specialised location in your home. Discharges for your toilets and sinks are located below floor level – your plumber will also be required to gather these discharges, and direct them to the sewer.

Electricity Connection.

On delivery of your home, it is wired electrically according to your plans and selections. Your electrician will simply need to wire from the mains meter box to your home. If the home is a split module design, your electrician will need to connect the services in the ceiling prior to connection.